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  • Pure Wool Saddle Pad - Classic Standard - Cleanskin

    Our Classic Standard saddle pad is designed to suit stock saddles, fender saddles, half-breeds and the like.

    Our pure wool Cleanskin Saddle Pads are the perfect option for those looking for a good value working pad, of the same quality and standard as our reputable Classic Saddle Pads.

    Our saddle pads are available in two thicknesses:

    • 13mm - suited to competition, breaking, training, or working young horses as it provides good close contact
    • 17mm which is better suited for longer days in the saddle, heavier riding, or simply when more padding is required

    Please Note:
    All of our saddle pads are made to order. Due to current high demand in the workshop, it takes between 4 to 7 business days for us to schedule and dispatch a saddle pad order.  Our workshop currently sews saddle pads every Tuesday, so if your order is placed by mid-day Monday, we can have it sewn and dispatched that same week. Any saddle pads ordered after Monday afternoon will be made and dispatched the following week.

    The colour of the grey felt shown on the website will be slightly darker than what is displayed. The light grey colour online is an old style which has been updated to a darker grey after customer feedback.


    What are Angus Barrett Saddle Pads made of?

    We make our saddle pads with 100% pure wool, sourced from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, which is felted together into layers. We then add a heavy-duty canvas wither patch and trims to the sides of the pad which act as wear patches.

     What are the benefits of pure wool?

    Wool is a natural fibre and is ideal for use directly against your horse's spine. Wool is extremely hard wearing and the quality way in which the wool is felted for our pads, delivers even greater strength, durability and shock absorbency. The wool withstands penetration of dirt and dust better than synthetics and is easy to clean. The natural properties of wool also ensure that any moisture wicks away from your horse's back, promoting airflow and insulating against both cold and heat. Moisture absorption and release are gradual, so the wool is slow to feel damp and does not chill you horse by drying too rapidly.

    We recommend that you do not use any other material, or saddle pads between your horse and the pad, as it will interfere with the natural benefits of the wool.

    What is the benefit of the canvas wear patches?

    We add the canvas wear patches to our pads to provide the pad with more shape and structure. It prevents the wool from compacting too much in high contact areas. The canvas has been chosen for its high quality and durability. We use canvas for our wear patches as opposed to leather, as leather reduces the airflow, will readily absorb sweat and dries stiffer and harder than canvas.

    What is the reason for the cut outs down the centre of the pad?

    The specially designed cut-outs, which sit along the wither and spine of the horse, provide airflow and exceptional fitting. As the pads become thicker, we have added additional cut-outs to their design to improve this fitting and airflow.

    What makes Angus Barrett’s pads so special?

    We have our wool felted to a very particular density that is designed not to be so loose that they fall apart, but also not so hard that it is stiff and uncomfortable.

    Our saddle pads are made using one piece of felt, without any stitching down the centre. This provides unrivalled strength and prevents the risk of the pad falling apart. All Angus Barrett saddle pads have been finished with a boarder stitch to prevent the pad from separating in its layers later in life. The specially designed cut-outs, which sit along the wither and spine of the horse, provide airflow and exceptional fitting. The thicker pads have additional cut-outs for greater flexibility and faster conforming.

    Angus first designed our saddle pads approximately 14 years ago. By combining the best pure wool and a design to specifically suit an Australian saddle and environment, he created a product that has proven quality and fitting with over a decade of results.

    What thickness should I get?

    Angus’ recommends a thinner pad for breaking, training, or working young horses, for competition or short days, because it provides good close contact. A thinner pad will also conform to your horses’ shape more quickly.

    You will find that you get more miles out of a thicker pad and they are also well suited to hotter environments (thicker pads provide more absorption), longer days in the saddle, heavier riding, or simply when more padding is required with an ill-fitting saddle or problem back.

    Why are the pads not pre-moulded or contoured?

    The natural crimp of wool provides outstanding elasticity and resilience and the quality of wool that we use ensures that the pad bonds and conforms perfectly to your horse's back, preventing friction and rubbing. We consider any pre-moulding or contouring unnecessary. Just like a good quality felt hat, with use the saddle pad will self-conform to suit your horse’s back and your saddle, contouring to suit your individual needs.  The wool will continue to conform through the lifespan of the pad, so it can be used for multiple horses, saddles and disciplines.


    To care for the saddle pads and to reduce the need for washing them, remove horse hair from the pads by rubbing the underside with a soft, rubber curry comb.

    If your pad starts to become hard or heavy with sweat, it can be washed by soaking it in a tub with fresh, cold water and then rinsing it with a hose until the water runs clear. it is important to soak the pad first before hosing it, to allow the woollen fibres to loosen and soften. Apply the hose to the pad gently and gradually.

    There should be no need to use detergents, but a mild wool detergent can be used to help lift dirt and grease.


    W: 695mm

    L: 710mm