We offer a 32-inch Straight Girth. This girth features two D rings and a replaceable neoprene backing. This neoprene backing is secured with Velcro, making it easy to swap out between rides and horses. If you are after a replacement backing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

These girths are suitable for use with our Angus Barrett Latigos and Points. They can also be used with any single strap girth.

Our latigos are made from a chrome leather, which is chosen for its durability and strength. They are 5ft long and feature 13 holes of adjustment. These latigos are suited to a girth with one buckle tip. They are secured to the girth dee of your saddle by a woven tie, making it possible to change it to different saddles if required.

Angus Barrett points feature reinforced stitching around the holes to prevent tearing. They offer 6 holes of adjustment, and are suited to a girth with one buckle tip. The latigos and points work well as a team, to make saddling and un-saddling safer and simpler.

The Angus Barrett Latigos and Points can be bought in a set with one of our straight girths so your entire system is ready to go.