Angus Barrett's quality Leather Dressing is designed to keep leather soft and conditioned, without over-oiling. This is the dressing Angus uses and recommends for his saddlery products. It is specially formulated to repel water and protect and nourish leather.

This dressing may change the colour of some products, particularly suedes or nubucks. However, it will help protect all leather products, no matter their origin.

Before leather products leave the workshop they are hand oiled by Angus Barrett staff with a specific treatment, depending on the type of leather and the intended use of the product. This is to ensure that all Angus Barrett products are ready for work or show.

Care for your Angus Barrett leather product will depend on the leather and finish of the product, but in all cases the best thing for your leather product is use! A product that is used daily will require less care than a product which sits in the tack room.

In general, we recommend that you do not use any oil to care for your Angus Barrett leather product. This is because all Angus Barrett products are sufficiently oiled and finished by us before leaving the workshop.
If the leather becomes dry, the best thing is a quality leather dressing that will stay on the surface (not a penetrating oil).

We recommend that you use Angus Barrett Leather Dressing and apply the dressing with a rag as you see fit.

Leather that gets a lot of water and mud should be greased more regularly, but only when it is dry and clean. If you do grease your leather goods, don't sit them in the sun to dry, just sit it in the shade and let the leather take what it needs, then rub the excess off.