All our saddle pads are made in our workshop in Orange, NSW from self-conforming, pure wool felt that is specifically engineered to our requirements and standards, in regards to density and thickness. Our saddle pad range is available in two natural colours, off-white and brown, and then you can add a canvas trim in a choice of 13 different colours, or choose to leave it as a 'cleanskin'.

Angus first designed our saddle pads approximately 16 years ago. By combining the best pure wool and a design to specifically suit an Australian saddle and environment, he created a product of proven quality. 

Here's Angus sharing some great information about our saddle pads.

Because wool is a natural fibre, it is ideal for use directly against your horse's spine. The natural crimp of wool provides outstanding elasticity and resilience, and the quality of wool that we use ensures that the pad bonds and conforms perfectly to your horse's back, preventing friction and rubbing. Wool is extremely hard wearing and the quality way in which the wool is felted for our pads, delivers even greater strength, durability and shock absorbency.

There is absolutely no reason to over complicate the simplicity of a saddle pad and its purpose. A saddle pad is there to become the connection between saddle and horse. There is nothing better for this then a natural, breathable fibre like wool.

All Angus Barrett Saddle pads are guaranteed to be durable and long lasting in any environment. This really is a great product - one of Angus Barrett's best.

Our saddle pads are available in a range of shapes, thicknesses and colours to provide you with the option that best suits you. If you are unsure about what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can personalise your saddle pads with custom embroidery, like names, initials, brands and logos. To find out more about our personalisation options, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our custom embroidery page for more information.