Pure Wool Saddle Pad - Classic Standard

The Angus Barrett Saddlery Classic Standard Pure Wool Saddle Pad is designed to suit stock saddles, fender saddles, half-breeds and the like.

The saddle pads are available in two thicknesses:

  • 13mm suited to competition, breaking, training, or working young horses as it provides good close contact, or the
  • 17mm which is better suited for longer days in the saddle, heavier riding, or simply when more padding is required.

Angus first designed our saddle pads approximately 14 years ago. By combining the best pure wool and a design to specifically suit an Australian saddle and environment, he created a product that has proven quality and fitting with over a decade of results.

Angus Barrett Saddlery saddle pads can be personalised with Custom Embroidery. We can embroider your name, initials, brand or corporate logo onto the canvas strip. To enquire about our custom embroidery simply contact us.



The Classic Standard Saddle Pads measure:

W: 695mm

L: 710mm


To care for the saddle pads and to reduce the need for washing them, remove horse hair from the pads by rubbing the underside with a soft, rubber curry comb.

If your pad starts to become hard or heavy with sweat, it can be washed by soaking it in a tub with fresh, cold water and then rinsing it with a hose until the water runs clear. it is important to soak the pad first before hosing it, to allow the woollen fibres to loosen and soften. Apply the hose to the pad gently and gradually.

There should be no need to use detergents, but a mild wool detergent can be used to help lift dirt and grease.

Custom Orders

Please Note:
Angus Barrett Saddlery Saddle Pads are made to order. 
Due to current high demand in the workshop, it takes between 3 to 7 business days for us to schedule and dispatch a saddle pad order.

Our workshop currently sews saddle pads every Tuesday, so if your order is placed by mid-day Monday, we can have it sewn and dispatched that same week. Any saddle pads ordered after Monday afternoon will be made and dispatched the following week.

For saddle pads with custom embroidery, orders must be placed by mid-day Thursday to be made the following week.

If you request custom embroidery on your saddle pad, an email will be sent to you with a proof for approval. The email will be from saddlepads@angusbarrett.com.au. If you do not receive an email from us, please check your junk mail.

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