All Angus Barrett breastplates are made using only first grade leather, with solid brass or stainless steel hardware. The breast plates are designed to fit average sized Australian stock horses or quarter horses and to attach to an Australian stock saddle. If you have an extra large or small horse or want to talk to us about any specific requirements you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our breastplates are available in a range of different options, including fully stitched for extra strength and with solid brass or stainless steel hardware. We also offer a choice of two different colours – Natural and Dark Natural, this allows you to get the best colour match to your saddle.

Our breastplates feature a solid brass or stainless steel ring in the centre of the chest. This allows a good attachment point for your martingale rings or rope.

Our breastplates also come with an interchangeable end, allowing you to attach either a clip-to-girth or a loop attachment to the end. All of our breastplates come standard with a clip-to-girth, but if you require a loop attachment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Like all Angus Barrett Saddlery products, they are all hand-edged and oiled, ready for work or play!