Our latest bridle range is made from a new leather that has been specially tanned to Angus' specifications from only selected hides. It is a vege-tanned leather that is very dense, heavy in weight, incredibly uniform, and with a near perfect finish on both the grain and flesh sides. Because the leather is so uniform and made from only selected hides, we have the ability to create a product without secondary splitting of the leather. This helps to maintain the leather's integrity and strength.

We use only solid brass or stainless steel buckles and all the brass buckles have a stainless steel tongue. The conchos on the La Pin are stainless steel, while the conchos on the Tassas are cast using zinc as the base metal and then hand polished with an antique silver finish. 

We do all the braiding on the brows in Kangaroo lace, over a filler, to give the braid a striking depth. The back of the braided brow is lined with a soft harness leather, giving it the finish it so deserves.

Our new Station Bridle design also features a very special keeper at the top of the cheek strap, which is hand-stitched onto the ring to prevent the keeper from sliding down the cheek strap. 

We only make one sized bridle. Angus designs our bridle range to fit the average horse, from 13 - 16 hands. (If your horse has a particularly large or small head, please get in touch with us. We make extra parts that are sold separately for these situations.) The Station Bridles (also known as a "Barcoo") have a fixed poll and brow. The Surefit Bridles (the Tassas and the La Pin) have a sliding brow, giving you the ability to fit a larger range of horses more accurately. And the One Ear bridle is just very cool and by far Angus' favourite to ride in!