Angus Barrett reins are renowned for their feel, durability and quality finish. Angus has a passion for producing quality reins and personally selects all the sides of leather for making his reins. Each rein is then individually selected by Angus for its weight and is made to ensure we have a variety of different weights and feels to suit our customers' specific preferences.

Our range includes a selection of leather reins including joined reins, station reins and split reins. All Angus Barrett leather reins are pre-oiled and ready for work. He also makes a range of soft cotton and rope reins. 

Angus is confident that he has a pair of reins that you will love. Please feel free to contact the shop if you would like to discuss your preference in weighted reins. They offer a great feel when riding and the more they're used, the better they get.

Angus talks us through our range of different reins, and how to pick the perfect pair for you here.

Our split reins are available with the traditional tie up ends or buckle ends. These are available in both brass and stainless steel. The split reins range is also available in fully stitched or fully stitched & lined for added durability and weight.

Our Soft Cotton reins are made from cotton grown and woven in Australia. If you are after a fair dinkum pair of soft cotton reins, these will be perfect for you. Similarly, our Yachting Rope reins are made from an Australian made yachting rope which is guaranteed not to rot or break.

We have recently added French Leather Reins to our range. from a first-grade leather that we source from a tannery in France. In fact, it's leather from the same tannery that we source our leather for our Annabella Tote Bags. These new reins are next level. The leather is buttery soft, yet incredibly strong and grippy. What makes these reins so special is first the leather type, secondly the way we make them with a triple fold and a twin stitch securing the fold, and thirdly the incorporation of a weighted piece of harness leather that I insert into the tail of the reins to give them an ever so important weight at the end. The buckle and the skirting leather turn back then add weight to the bit end of the rein (our Station Reins have the same feature).

All our leather reins are finished with our unique, all-natural oil and wax blend. After this oil bath, the reins are left to hang and the oil blend penetrates deep into the core, where it sits patiently until the rider and horse put the reins to work. The reins feel amazing when you pick them up off the rack, but it's not until you get some horse sweat, mud and work into our reins that they really come
to life. My advice when purchasing any of our leather reins is don't oil them, just use them.