Angus Barrett reins are renowned for their feel, durability and quality finish. Angus has a passion for producing quality reins and personally selects all the sides of leather for making his reins. Each rein is then individually selected by Angus for its weight and is made to ensure we have a variety of different weights and feels to suit our customers' specific preferences.

Our range includes a selection of leather reins including joined reins, plaited reins and split reins. All Angus Barrett leather reins are pre-oiled and ready for work.

Our split reins are available with the traditional tie up ends or buckle ends. These are available in both brass and stainless steel. The traditional range is also available in fully stitched or fully stitched & lined for added durability and weight.

Angus is confident that he has a pair of reins that you would love. Please feel free to contact the shop if you would like to discuss your preference in weighted reins. They offer a great feel when riding and the more they're used, the better they get.

Angus Barrett also makes a range of rope reins, including soft cotton, plaited silver rope reins and yachting rope reins. These are available in a range of lengths and thicknesses.

Our Soft Cotton reins are made from cotton grown in Moree, NSW, which is then woven in Melbourne before being finished by us in Orange. If you are after a fair dinkum pair of soft cotton reins, these are perfect for you.

Our JB Plaited Reins are braided by Angus’ dad, John, from silver rope, and are designed to provide you exceptional grip no matter the work you are doing.

Let’s not forget our Yachting Rope reins, made from yachting rope which is guaranteed not to rot or break, these reins are up to any challenge.