Angus Barrett's curb straps are made from quality leather. All Angus Barrett curb straps are designed to fit snaffle bits.

There are three choices: a double buckle for a little extra weight and adjustment (to enable a little firmer pressure under the jaw); a single buckle for a light, simple, easily adjustable curb strap; or our unique jet tack design which is super light, secure and hassle-free, and ideal for snaffle bits.

A curb strap is an important piece of equipment when competing in camp drafting, cutting, other sporting events and everyday horse work. The curb strap when used on a snaffle bit is designed to prevent the bit from slipping through the horse's mouth and to add control and precision to the bit, while the horse is being trained.

If added to a bit with leverage the curb strap creates a stopping point in the rotation of the bit causing the bars of the bit to be pushed down onto the tongue and amplifying the bit's pressure on the bottom of the horse's mouth.

The tightness of the curb strap will determine the speed and at which point the pressure will be added to the horse's mouth.

The Angus Barrett Curb Straps are available in both Natural and Dark Natural, with the choice of solid Brass or Stainless Steel hardware.