Our Sure Fit bridle range is designed to be very adjustable, to fit a range of horses from 13hh to 16hh. Our Sure Fit bridles feature a sliding brow brand which you can slide up and down. The throat latch has 125mm of adjustment over 5 holes. The poll strap also has 125mm of adjustment on each side. 

Within the Sure Fit range, we have a number of styles available; the La Pin, Tassa Shaped Brow, and the Tassa Braided Brow. 

Our Sure Fits are ideal for someone working a number of different horses as you can use the one bridle on multiple horses. The Tassa bridles also have a Jet-tack buckle-to-bit option to make it quick and easy to change bits. 

Like all of our products, our leather bridles are designed and handmade by us in our workshop in Orange NSW.