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    We are closed from Christmas Eve and reopen on Monday 9th January 2023.

    Our focus at the moment is on making tack and all the accessories that accompany a saddle. We stock a swinging fender saddle that is made for us in Toowoomba by Toowoomba Saddlery. We then shape, oil and rig the saddle in Orange with our own rigging. If you would like some more information about this saddle, please don’t hesitate contacting our Customer Service

    We do plan to make saddles in the future. If you are interested in an Angus Barrett saddle, you can register your interest by sending us an email.

    Where we source our leather depends on what we are using it for. We choose the leather most ideally suited for the applications and that is of the highest possible quality.

    For example: the leather we use for hand-stamping comes from USA because they are expert in tanning tooling leather; we source soft, garment leather for our tote bags from France, because the French are expert in fine leather for the fashion industry; and we source our Kangaroo lace from Australia, because it is strong and durable.

    Yes, all our products are designed and made here in our workshop in Orange, NSW.

    The only exceptions to this are our bits, spurs, and knives which we stock only to compliment our own leather curb straps spur straps and knife pouches.

    As a general rule, no. We have a custom orders waitlist, but it is now so long that we are declining new custom orders, so as not to disappoint people.

    That said, we can certainly personalise products with embroidery, stamping or engraving. We also do custom orders for corporate gifts or trophies.

    To find out more about this, visit our Corporate and Custom Orders page.

    Before products leave the workshop, they are hand finished by Angus and his team with a treatment that is designed to specifically enhance and protect that product. We work to ensure that all Angus Barrett products are ready for work or show. 

    In general, we recommend that you do not add any oil to an Angus Barrett leather product. Instead, if your leather product becomes dry, we recommend using a surface leather dressing, like the Angus Barrett Leather Dressing, to condition it.

    Due to the large amount of orders for new products, we can only offer repairs for our own products.

    If you have an Angus Barrett product that needs repairing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    We make our saddle pads with 100% pure wool. For our classic range, we then add a heavy duty canvas wither patch and trims on the sides of the pad as wear patches.

    We have three pad colours to choose from: off-white, brown and grey.

    There are 16 different canvas trim colours available.

    Click here for more information on our Pure Wool Saddle Pads

    Angus first designed our saddle pads 12 years ago. By combining the best pure wool and a design to specifically suit an Australian saddle and environment, he created a product that has proven quality and fitting with over a decade of results.

    Our saddle pads are made using only one piece of felt, without any stitching down the centre. This provides unrivalled strength and prevents the risk of the pad falling apart. Because wool is a natural fibre, it is ideal for use directly against your horse's spine.

    The natural crimp of wool provides outstanding elasticity and resilience and the quality of wool that we use ensures that the pad bonds and conforms perfectly to your horse's back, preventing friction and rubbing. Wool is extremely hard wearing and the quality way in which the wool is felted for our pads, delivers even greater strength, durability and shock absorbency.

    The wool withstands penetration of dirt and dust better than synthetics and is easy to clean. The natural properties of wool also ensure that any moisture wicks away from your horse's back, promoting airflow and insulating against both cold and heat. Moisture absorption and release are gradual, so the wool is slow to feel damp and does not chill you horse by drying too rapidly.

    We generally recommend the 13mm for competition and close contact with the horse; and the 17mm as a good all-rounder for competition and everyday use.

    The specially designed cut-outs, which sit along the wither and spine of the horse, provide airflow and exceptional fitting.

    The pads can be washed by soaking them in a tub of fresh, cold water and then rinsing them with a hose until the water runs clear. Do not use warm or hot water as the pad may shrink. It is important to soak the pad first before hosing it, to allow the woollen fibres to loosen and soften. Apply the hose to the pad gently and gradually.

    There should be no need to use detergents, but a mild wool detergent can be used to help lift dirt or grease. To care for the saddle pads and reduce the need for washing them, remove hair from the pads by rubbing the underside with a soft, rubber curry comb.