Angus Barrett has spent a lot of time breaking and training young and old horses. This shows in his great range of handling and training products.

Angus' designs also have the benefit of years of feedback from professional trainers, horse breakers and everyday horsemen.

All products are designed for durability, functionality and safety. Particular care has been taken with the design of our handling equipment. The products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are horse and user-friendly.

Our hobbles are made to protect a horse, rider and handlers. If used correctly, they can be an excellent training aid.

All Angus Barrett's handling and training aids are made from quality materials, including high-grade webbing, double-braided 16mm yachting rope, first grade leather and stainless steel hardware. These products are made to work and designed to last, with features such as stitched leather reinforced holes, fully stitched leather straps and tie-down webbing.