Loose Ring Snaffle Bit - Leverage

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The Angus Barrett leverage Loose Ring snaffle bit feature additional leverage points on the ring. If used with a curb strap, the bars of the bit will be pushed down onto the tongue, amplifying the bit's pressure on the horse's mouth.

Like all Angus Barrett Saddlery Snaffle Bits, they feature a barrel-jointed mouthpiece and independent movement in the bit bars. The barrel joint limits the nutcracker action of conventional snaffle bits and spreads pressure over a larger area.

The snaffle bit has copper through the roller to promote a moist mouth and a relaxed jaw for the horse.

Maker's Notes

They are one of the few products not manufactured by Angus Barrett in-house, but they are still backed 100% by our Angus Barrett quality guarantee.


The Loose Ring Snaffle Bit is available in 5 inch and 5.5 inch