Chefs Leather Knife Roll with 10 Piece Knife Set

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The Angus Barrett Saddlery Chefs Leather Knife Roll is made from first grade, vege tanned, Italian leather that will develop its own beautiful character and natural patina with use.

It features 10 pockets and a protective internal flap for the handles.

This beautiful leather knife roll will help you carry your knives safely where ever you go for many years to come.

The leather knife roll includes:

  • Victorinox Sharpening Steel - Diamond Oval - 26cm
  • Victorinox Slicing Knife - Wavy Edge (#5.4230.30)
  • Victorinox Salmon Knife - Fluted Edge (#5.4120.30)
  • Victorinox Carving Knife - Straight Edge (#5.2000.28G)
  • Victorinox Butchers Knife - Straight Back Blade (#5.5200.23)
  • Victorinox Butchers Knife - Heavy Stiff Blade (#5.7603.20)
  • Victorinox Carving Knife - Straight Edge (#5.2000.19G)
  • Victorinox Filleting Knife - Narrow Extra Flexible Blade (#5.3810.18)
  • Victorinox Utility Carving Knife (#5.2000.12)
  • Victorinox Paring Knife - Straight Edge (#5.3000)