Quick Release Adjustable Sideline Set

The Angus Barrett Quick Release Adjustable Sideline Set includes two Quick Release Hobble Straps and an Adjustable Sideline Rope. Each of these parts can also be purchased separately.

The Adjustable Sideline Set is adjustable and designed to run from a front leg to a back leg or on a diagonal. This set is excellent for using at the wash bay, on horses that paw, while floating horses and in conjunction with Chain Hobbles. This hobble set is not recommended for serving.

  • The Quick Release Hobble Straps are made using a piece of heavy duty, chrome-tanned harness leather lined with a first grade harness leather protective pad and a user-friendly, slip through locking mechanism.

    The main strap is fully stitched for added strength and lined with a leather pad to prevent marking or chaffing. The pad rolls back on itself to create a smooth, rounded edge.

    The Adjustable Sideline Rope is made from extra strong, double braided, 16mm yachting rope, with a solid stainless steel buckle for adjustment and stainless steel Ds.

    The small Quick Release hobbles are designed to suit weanlings/yearlings.

    The medium Quick Release hobbles are designed to suit fully grown Australian stock horses, quarter horses and the like.

    The large Quick Release hobbles are designed for thoroughbreds, warm bloods and clumpers.

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