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    Serving Hobbles

    The Angus Barrett Saddlery Serving Hobbles are designed to be used during the serving process, to protect the stallion and the handler, in case the mare kicks, without making the mare unstable. Our Serving Hobbles are specifically designed to create a safer working environment for handlers and horses alike.

    Maker's Notes

    The Design:
    The Angus Barrett Saddlery Serving Hobbles are designed to help ensure that the mare can still move freely and keep her balance. This allows her to remain stable, but prevents her from kicking.

    The Fit:
    To ensure a correct fit and allow the mare to move freely, our serving hobbles feature two points of adjustment, one around the neck and the other under the chest. The buckle around the neck is the setting point and also the quick release. The adjustment under the chest is for finer adjustment and is designed so that it can be tightened easily at any moment during the serving process. It features a unique, sliding buckle which locks automatically when pressure is applied.

    The Stand-Outs:
    The buckles used on our serving hobbles are unique to Angus Barrett Saddlery. The collar buckle features a stainless steel 7mm pin for added strength under pressure and a solid roller to reduce the risk of the buckle jamming in the event of a required release. The sliding buckle on the chest piece is solid stainless steel and has a specially added plate to ensure it locks correctly when pressure is added.

    The Materials:
    To maximise their strength and durability we make our serving hobbles with a soft-touch webbing and 16mm double braided yachting rope, both of which are made in Australia. Heavy duty, chrome-tanned harness leather is then double stitched for reinforcement around the buckle holes along the collar.

    For the Fetlock Straps, we use a heavy harness leather that retains its strength, but becomes supple with use to reduce rubbing.


    One size only.