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  • March 22, 2024 2 min read

    How to fit your Angus Barrett Halters and Lead Ropes

    The best way to get the most benefit from your Angus Barrett product is to ensure that it is fitted correctly. It’s also important to use the right product for the right situation.

    We wanted to share with you some tips from Angus on how to fit your halter and lead rope correctly.

    Rope Halters

    The Rope Halter is used for groundwork. It is suitable for most horses for general use. It is designed to fit yearlings right through to a 16 hand stock horse. The fit of the halter ensures that the halter sits in front of the jowl of the horse, not behind the jowl. This puts pressure on the horse above the ears (poll) and on the nose.

    Handling Halter

    The Handling Halter is suitable for use with an older, more mature horse that has been worked and requires a bit more assertiveness. It is designed for applying pressure on the whole head of the horse. The Handling Halter is made using a 6mm rope (rather than the 8mm used to make our standard Rope Halter) and it includes two extra knots on the nose.

    Tie-Up Halter

    The Tie-Up Halter is designed for teaching young horses to tie up before you go to a Rope Halter. It has adjustable buckles on the chin to ensure the centre ring always sits centred under the chin. It is also adjustable on both sides of the poll, which allows the poll strap to remain centred on the horse's poll and ensures that it fits neatly behind the ears, on the pressure point of the poll. The adjustment points on this halter mean that it can be used on different sized horses from young horses through to stallions.

    Lead Ropes

    We make our Lead Ropes in two different thicknesses: 14mm and 16mm. The 14mm Lead Rope is suitable for a horse that has already been worked. It is light in the hand. It is also good for floating and generally having around the stables.

    The 16mm Lead Rope is designed for using with horses that are new to being worked or horses that are a bit fresh and haven't been worked for a while. This Lead Rope is also good if you like something a little meatier to hang on to.

    Both Lead Ropes are available in two different lengths:

    Short (2 metres in length) - works well with horses who are easy to handle and for general use around the stables.

    Long (3.5 metres in length) - great to use on a young horse that needs work.

    Check out the video below with Angus discussing our Halters & Lead Ropes.

    And don’t forget to try the knots Angus used in the video, especially the Theodore knot.
    All of our saddlery products are handcrafted in Orange NSW. For more information or to speak to Angus, please feel free to call us on 0408 980 896.