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  • October 24, 2023 2 min read

    There are hours of work that go into making these beautiful Spur Straps. Each indent is individually stamped with a tool that is approximately 4x4mm. The hand carved straps are split down to a lighter weight and then fully lined. The hand-stamped straps are a single thickness, heavy-weight skirting leather, stamped on the flesh side of the leather or otherwise known as "rough-out".

    We have two options available in the hand carved range. One with a botanical style detail made from dark natural leather and one with a diamond design made from a natural leather. These are available with either solid brass or stainless steel buckles.

    All the spur strap designs, like all of our products, are hand-edged, slicked and oiled. Our spur straps are designed to last for years and years and will grow to become a very special keepsake. 

    The "Running-W" stamp on our hand-carved straps (below left) and the "Half moon" on our hand-stamped straps (below right).  Each stamp is about 4mm x 4mm, and individually stamped onto the strap with a hammer. 

    This is our Diamond design spur straps in the making. They feature a "Half moon" border stamp, which Jimmy then enhances with a plain "Seed" stamp (the dot in the middle of each half-moon). The Diamond pattern is cut in by hand with a swivel knife and again features a Seed stamp in each cross over.

    What makes the Hand Carved Spur Straps extra special?

    After the stamping and carving process, Jimmy rubs an antique dye into each of the stamps or carving. This enhances the stamping and carving, adding another dimension to the incredible detail. 

    After the straps are dyed and the leather is dry, Jimmy then splits the leather down, making it thinner and lighter, before stitching a harness leather lining on the back. This means there is no visible flesh slide, instead giving a full grain finish on both sides of the strap.