Tie-up Halter

The Angus Barrett Saddlery Tie-up Halter is handcrafted from Australian made webbing which is produced to Angus' design and specification. The wear points are reinforced with a first grade, chrome-tanned harness leather.

The Tie-Up Halter is fully stitched around the buckle holes for extra strength and durability. There are leather pads on the poll strap and nose pad to distribute pressure and prevent rubbing.

Maker's Notes

The Angus Barrett Saddlery Tie Up Halter has been designed for use predominately with Australian stock horses and quarter horses. It is adjustable on both sides of the poll and the nose band, so that it can be used on different sized horses from young horses through to stallions. This also allows the poll strap to remain centred on the horse's poll, and ensures that it fits neatly behind the ears, on the pressure point of the poll. 

The Tie-Up Halter has one fixed rigging point made from a solid stainless steel welded D ring. The D ring may bend, but it won't break.  All four buckles are also solid stainless steel.

This is a truly unique design, which has been tested, modified and improved to make it an ideal Tie-Up Halter. In true Angus Barrett Saddlery style, it really is designed to work and made to last.

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