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  • March 04, 2021 2 min read

    How To Remove Oily Marks On Your
    Weekender Travel Bag

    Our Weekender Travel Bag is one of the most popular over-night bags in our range. The main body of the bag is made from Australian made, heavy duty rip-stop canvas, the top panel of the bag is made from a buttery soft European leather, and the handles are made from a greasy-packed leather that been rolled. These materials make for a strong, reliable bag that looks smart – perfect for an over-night visit or a weekend away.

    If you own one of our Weekender Bags, the top leather panel may have become patchy with oil. Not to worry, this oil has come from the greasy-packed leather handles. We have specifically chosen this leather for the handles as it becomes soft and supple over-time, making the bag comfortable to carry. This leather also needs very little on-going care as the oil keeps the leather well-conditioned. I’ve had my Weekender bag for 5 years now and have not needed to add any leather dressing to the handles so far.

    The leather that we have used for the top of the bag is quite porous and will develop its own natural patina over time. In the process, it will also absorb any oil that it comes into contact with, including from the leather handles, leaving oily marks like the one pictured above. This may also occur with the Weekend Warrior bag. 

    This is no issue for the leather. In fact, it is good for it. However, it may leave the leather looking patchy and unattractive. If you would like to keep the leather on the top of your bag looking its best, you can apply some of our leather dressing to it. Apply a small amount of leather dressing onto an old rag (old towel or microfibre is best), then gently work the dressing into the leather, working on small sections at a time. This will help blend any blemishes or oil stains. Once you have finished applying the leather dressing, give the leather a final wipe over with a clean rag to remove any excess dressing.

    This will condition the leather and bring it back to life, but please note the leather will darken to match the oil stains. You can see how the end result should look in the image below.


    The overall colour of the leather will lighten again over time as the leather dries out, and in the meantime the leather will continue to develop its own natural character to tell the stories of your travels.

    We want our customers to make the most of their Angus Barrett Saddlery products, and to enjoy them for many years to come so if you have any queries about our Weekender Bags or any other product care questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 0408 980 896.

    Angus Barrett Saddlery also offer an in-house custom embroidery service so you can personalise your Weekender Travel Bag with your name, initials or company logo.