Weekender Travel Bag - Green Canvas

Our limited edition, all-canvas Weekender Bag. Also available in red.

Made from heavy duty rip-stop canvas.  The handles are made from greasy-packed veg-tanned leather and we have hand sewn on a leather clasp to keep the handles neatly together, user-friendly and comfortable to carry.

The zipper is lockable and features hand spliced leather pull tabs on the zipper which make opening and closing the bag easy.

Dimensions: 550mm long x 250mm wide x 250mm high (suitable as airline carry-on luggage).

Read our Maker's notes below for more information.

Our canvas Weekender bag is just like our chocolate or tan Weekender Bag, but all canvas with black leather features.

The canvas - Australian made, heavy duty rip-stop. This is the real deal and it is super tough and durable. This is the same canvas that is used to cover loads on those big interstate trucks so yes, it’s tough!

The leather - leather handles made from greasy-packed veg-tanned leather which has been cut, rolled, and double stitched. We have hand sewn on a leather clasp to keep the handles neatly together, user-friendly and comfortable to carry. This leather is very low maintenance, the more you use it the better it gets. The handles are riveted to a 4mm leather patch and then double stitched to the bag. You can be guaranteed they will not let you down.

The stitching - this bag is double stitched internally, literally sewn together twice. When sewing it together we add a leather piping which is made in-house using chrome-tanned French leather. The piping gives the bag more structure and allows us to sew the seams of the bag with greater thread tension adding serious over-all strength. Yes, Angus always over does it but this is what makes our product so durable. 

The zippers - a zipper can make or break a bag. We only use YKK zippers and we have added hand spliced leather zip pulls to make the bag easy to open and close. The green canvas Weekender has a black nylon lockable zipper sewn in with matching canvas piping. With the red Weekender you have a choice of either a copper or stainless steel zipper sewn in with black French leather piping.

If you are after a bag that is strong, durable and reliable, and will not let you down no matter where your travels take you, this is it. The attention to detail, the selection of raw materials, and the effort that has gone in to making these bags is truly remarkable and a real craftsman's piece. 

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