Weekend Warrior Travel Bag - Chocolate

The Angus Barrett Saddlery "Weekend Warrior" is a version of our popular weekender travel bag that features a leather shoulder or carry strap, instead of the carry handles. It is made with premium, vege-tanned leather and heavy-duty, Australian made, rip-stop canvas. It also featuers a brass YKK zipper and special brass buttons for adjustment.

Dimensions: 550mm long x 250mm wide x 250mm high (suitable as airline carry-on luggage).

  • We're very excited to present a new version of our Weekender travel bag, the "Weekend Warrior". For years now, we have been receiving requests for a shoulder strap on the Weekenders, so the Warrior is a version of the Weekender, with a shoulder strap in place of the carry handles. You might ask, why not just have both (the carry handles and the shoulder strap), and the answer is that having both makes the bag, which is not overly big, cumbersome and heavy. In addition, it's designed to still be able to carry it comfortably in your hand (see picture below).  The classic design of the body of the bag has not changed, we have simply replaced the carry handles with the shoulder strap, which we have made from a heavy duty, harness leather and solid brass Sam Brown buttons that give the shoulder strap the option for adjustment.  We hope you love this travel bag and carry it with you on many an epic weekend! It is super comfortable to wear and so handy to be able to have your hands free. 

    Limited number only.

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