Tassa - Braided Brow in Rawhide

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The Tassa Braided Brow bridle is very adjustable to fit a wide range of horses from 13hh to 16hh. The brow band can be moved vertically up and down the horse's forehead by sliding it on the poll strap and throat latch. The throat latch has 125mm of adjustment over 5 holes. The poll strap also has 125mm of adjustment on each side. 

This bridle features a striking hand-plaited leather brow band made from raw-hide. This bridle will definitely make your horse stand out in a crowd. 

Choose between a concho buckle-to-bit system which fastens the bridle to the bit with decorative conchos, or the Jet-tack system. This makes it quick and easy to change bits if working with multiple horses using the one bridle.

Available with brass or stainless steel hardware.

See Maker's Notes below for more information. 

  • Our Sure Fit bridles are made from a heavy-weight vegetable tanned AB Harness leather that has been tanned to Angus' specifications for our bridles. Because the leather is so uniform and made from only selected hides, we have the ability to create a product without secondary splitting of the leather. This helps to maintain the leather's integrity and strength. 

  • For the unique brow band, we have braided raw-hide kangaroo lace over a filler to raise the braid and give it depth and dimension. 
  • Here Angus shows us the new Jet-tack buckle-to-bit straps.

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