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Tassa - Braided Brow in Rawhide

The Angus Barrett Sure Fit Tassa bridle features half-heel buckles, a striking, wide leather brow and distinctive conchos between the throat and cheek straps and at the end of the cheek straps. We have hand-braided this brow with rawhide leather.

  • This Tassa design features a unique, shaped braided brow, making it a bridle that will ensure your horse really stands out in the crowd.

    We do all the braiding on the brows in Kangaroo lace, over a filler, to give the braid a striking depth. The back of the braided brow is lined with a soft harness leather, giving it the finish it so deserves.

    Angus Barrett's bridles are designed to fit the average horse, from 13 - 16h. If your horse has a particularly large or small head, please get in touch with us. We make extra parts that are sold separately for these situations.

    Our Sure Fit bridle range is ideal for use on many different horses, it features a sliding brow band which allows you to adjust the height of the brow band on your horse.

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