Split Reins - Fully Stitched

Our Angus Barrett Split Reins are all made from first-grade harness leather and the hides used are hand-selected by Angus for their natural weight. Some are then split to assist in creating a special, weighted feel. The weight is concentrated around the bit and the tail of the rein, while the centre of the rein, where it is held, is thinned to create an easy, soft hold.

The fully stitched split reins are designed to be used for neck reining or just to give that special feel. The stitching creates extra body and stiffness and stronger, longer lasting reins.

  • Our Split Reins are also available fully stitched and lined.

    The lined reins are lined with an extra piece of leather to produce an even heavier rein, ideally suited to neck reining and showing.

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