Open End Knife Pouch - Hand Carved - Dark Natural

All our knife pouches are made from full grain skirting leather, which we hand block to fit the knives. This is a premium leather that we mould and pre-stretch, so that you can expect it to hold your knife securely for years to come.

This beautiful version has been hand carved by Angus for an extra special finish.

The Slide-on Knife Pouch has been designed so that you can adjust the position of the pouch on your belt and to carry your knife safely, while protecting it from damage.

Medium: 105mm long, 25mm wide, 10mm high 
Small = 90mm long, 20mm wide, 10mm high

  • We have designed this pouch to hold your knife snugly and Angus has positioned the stitches on the pouch so that they work together with the highest blade on the knife, ensuring that when the knife slides into the pouch, it locks into place.

    Size info

    The pouch is available in two sizes and is designed to slide onto belts up to 38mm or 1.5 inches wide.

    The small pouch is designed to fit a small, 3-blade pocket knife, like our Robert Klaas Small.

    The medium pouch is designed to fit an average, 3-blade pocket knife, like our Robert Klaas Medium.

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