10 Inch

Pliers Pouch

The quality of leather we have chosen and the workmanship we have invested has created such strength and durability, that we are proud to offer a 50 year guarantee on range of pliers pouches.

This pliers pouch is designed to fit a set of 10 inch pliers. The pliers featured in the photo are the Crescent 10 ¼” Button Fencing Pliers.

  • The pouches are hand crafted with first grade skirting leather on the top side and incredible durable chrome tanned leather on the bottom. The skirting leather is not only durable it is wonderful to block resulting in a perfectly moulded sheath for each tool.

    In true Angus Barrett style, the chrome backing is an incredibly high quality leather that is specifically tanned for strength and durability and is the same leather that we use on our hobble straps. The blocked sheath is sewn to the chrome with a red stitch pattern and the perimeter on the pliers pouches is double stitched. This feature is not nice to the eye, but adds extra strength and durability.

    This pouch is oiled and ready to go to work, with a design that will endure for years to come.

    The pouches can be worn in a variety of ways on belts up to 38mm wide. Like the secateurs pouch, it is ergonomically designed to sit diagonally on your belt, making it not only easy to access your pliers but also positioning the pliers in a way which doesn't hinder your movement as you bend or climb in and out of vehicles.

    The pouch can also be purchased with removable straps, making it easy for it to be secured to different equipment like saddles, motorbikes and tractors in either a vertically or horizontally position.