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  • One-Ear Fitted Leather Bridle - 24mm

    The Angus Barrett Saddlery Fitted One Ear Leather Bridle is a heavy, industrial working bridle that can take lots and lots of work and abuse. The Hermann Oak Harness leather is very durable and resistant to water, horse sweat, sand, and dirt.

    The leather can feel a little stiff if left in a gear bag or hanging on a rack for a while but as soon as you give it some work and warm it up it will come straight back to life and be very supple and user and horse friendly.

    The leather performs in a warm environment and really is magnificent when in use.

    Like all of Angus Barrett Saddlery products, the more you use them the better they become.

    The One Ear Bridle is perfect to use in a training environment simply because it is easy to put on, take off, adjust to fit lots of different horses.

    The features of this bridle are:

    1. the way the leather has been cut to fit a horse’s ear,
    2. the leather that it is made from,
    3. the Quick Change at the bit.

    Maker's Notes

    This is one of MY favorite Bridles. I make it from a very special Hermann Oak Harness leather that is all Levelled and Split to a very heavy thickness. The leather is a constant 5mm thick and the buckle is a Stainless Steel 24mm wide.

    I have designed and installed a Quick Change at the bit of this bridle. This is a really cool twist to release and lock function at the bit and it terrific for changing bits quickly and easily. Please do not think for one minute that it will ever come undone because it will not let you down. You will break the leather before the Quick Change comes undone.

    I have fully stitched this bridle for added strength, to add some weight, and to make it look a little more striking.


    All of the Angus Barrett Saddlery leather bridles are designed to fit the average stock or Quarter horse sizing from 13 - 16h.