Leather Neck Tie with Stainless Steel D Ring

The Angus Barrett Saddlery Leather Neck Tie or Pull Back Collar is designed to distribute pressure across a horse's neck, in cases where it pulls back. It can be used as a collar to help prevent injury to young horses when teaching them to tie up, or as a stallion collar, to increase the strength of a normal halter and to help keep your stallion secured.

  • The Leather Neck Pull Back Collar is made from heavy duty, chrome-tanned leather which we have fully stitched around the edge, as well as around each hole for added strength. 

    It features a welded, solid stainless steel D ring and a buckle unique to Angus Barrett, specifically designed to take a heavy load with its 7mm pin and full roller. There are 7 holes for ample adjustment. 

    The Leather Neck Tie is easy to use and a very valuable piece of gear for any horse trainer or handler.

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