Jet-tack Curb Strap - Natural

Our unique Jetack curb straps were designed by Angus to be simple and light weight. 

The primary purpose of a curb strap is to assist in keeping the bit parallel, holding the bit in it's correct position when flexing a horse's head or in situations where the bit may slip through the horse's mouth. In addition, curb straps also enhance and support the lever action of a leverage or curb bit, and they assist in delivering control through the bit, particulary in high pressure situations. 

If used with a leverage bit, the curb strap creates a stopping point in the rotation of the bit causing the bars of the bit to be pushed down onto the tongue, amplifying the bit's pressure on the horse's mouth. 

Curb straps are particularly valuable when working young horses. 

All of our curb straps are designed to fit snaffle bits and leverage bits. 

  • Our Jetack curb straps are made from first grade leather that has been specifically tanned for Angus Barrett. This is the same leather that Angus uses to make our bridles and breastplates.

    They are available in either dark natural or natural, and they are a great option for those seeking a plain and simple design. 

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