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  • Brunett Leather Belt with Solid Brass Buckle (Dark Natural)

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    • The Brunett Belt is our most popular casual leather belt
    • Handmade from dense, first-grade skirting leather
    • The belt is available in two colours Natural (tan), and Dark Natural (chocolate)
    • Solid brass or stainless steel buckle
    • Made in Australia
    • FREE Exchange. If you order the wrong size belt, please be assured that you can return your belt and exchange it for the right size. We'll return it to you free of charge.

    Maker's Notes

    Angus has spent many years working with leather and one of the most important things he knows about leather, is the tanning process and the relationship with the tannery. Since Angus started the business in 2000, he has travelled all over the globe meeting with and inspecting different tanneries. He takes the time to look through the plants, inspect their processes and ultimately develop a relationship so that he can have leather made specifically for Angus Barrett Saddlery and the intended purpose.

    The leather that this casual belt is made from is vegetable-tanned leather and was developed and created specifically for, not only this product, but all our skirting leather products.

    This leather is tanned in the UK and the tannery goes to extraordinary lengths to secure the heavy hides that Angus insists on using. Our leather is one of the most important ingredients responsible for making our products what they are. Without good leather, a belt is just something with a buckle sewn on it. With incredible leather, you get a belt that is amazing, and yes there is a big difference between Something and Amazing.

    This leather will develop a patina and has a very unique density with lots of tight fibres. This belt will settle and form to your body shape and is incredibly hard-wearing. There is no doubt that it will last for many, many years.

    The colour in this leather is dyed-through in the tanning process and not a finished colour that is put on top of the finished tanned leather.

    The Brunett is a stylish casual leather belt that is made for everyday wearing, it will take you comfortably from the paddock to the plate or from the boardroom to the ballroom! The perfect all-rounder! - AB


    Before our leather belts leave the workshop, they are hand finished by Angus and his team with a treatment that is designed to specifically enhance and protect that product. We work to ensure that all Angus Barrett Saddlery products are ready for work or show.

    The Brunett Leather Belt is made from a first grade skrting leather that has been oiled and is ready for you to wear. With use, if the belt becomes dry, we recommend using a surface leather dressing, like the Angus Barrett Leather Dressing, to condition it.

    We recommend that you do not use any oil to care for your Angus Barrett Saddlery leather product.

    If the belt requires cleaning, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Please note that most leather products will darken with age, use and after dressing.

    If your leather product needs to be stored in a bag, we recommend that you use a breathable bag, such as a canvas bag, not a PVC bag.


    The Brunett Belt is 1 1/2inch or 38mm wide and is available in 8 sizes.

    IMPORTANT: Angus Barrett Saddlery belts are based on literal measurements. The size given is the measurement from the tip of the buckle tongue to the middle hole.

    To ensure an ideal fit, please refer to our blog post "What size belt do I need?" to help assist you choose the right size belt before placing your order.