May 19, 2020 2 min read

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Angus Barrett Saddlery is ‘what size belt do I need?’  

The best way to get the correct belt size is to measure your current belt from the tip of the buckle tongue to the hole that you use the most. Just grab a tape measure, lay your belt flat, and measure from the tip of the buckle tongue (the part of the buckle that goes thru the holes in the belt) all the way to the hole you use most often. Then match this measurement to the closest Angus Barrett size. You can also take a waist measurement, just make sure to measure where you would wear the belt and not over bulky clothes.

We generally prefer not to rely on pant sizes, because they vary so much, but if you are choosing for someone else and a pant size is all you have, then we can help you to work out the best size belt from that. Mostly, our belt sizes will be two sizes up from a pant size. So, for example, if the person you are buying for wears a size 34 inch trouser, then we recommend you purchase a size 38 inch belt. Why? Because most trouser sizes are not a literal measurement, whereas our belts are a literal measurement from the tip of the buckle tongue to the middle hole. We find on average that the difference equates to about 2 sizes in our range.

(Note: All our leather belts are made with five holes and we recommend that you start close to the middle hole. This allows room for movement over the lifetime of the belt. Leather belts, and ones that don't have a perimeter stitch in particular, will also stretch at least one hole in time, so you need to keep this in mind too.)

Clear as mud? Watch Angus’ video below for a visual explanation.

Finally, be comforted by the fact that, if you don’t get the size right, or if you’re buying the belt as a gift and your size guess is not quite right, then we’ll be more than happy to exchange the belt for the correct size. And please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions – that’s what we’re here for!
Angus explaining buckle tip
Angus pictured here explaining the buckle tip.

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