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  • May 25, 2023 2 min read

    The difference between a Breastplate and a Martingale is explained below.

    A breastplate and a martingale are both pieces of horse tack used to secure and control the horse's movement. Both pieces of equipment serve different purposes in horse riding and can be used separately or together depending on the rider's needs and discipline.

    1. Breastplate: A breastplate is a strap or harness that runs across the horse's chest. It typically consists of two straps that connect to the saddle or girth and another strap that goes over the horse's withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades). The breastplate helps prevent the saddle from sliding backward on the horse's back, particularly when riding over uneven terrain or during jumping activities. It adds stability and keeps the saddle in place, ensuring a more secure and balanced riding experience. Some breastplates also have attachments for a running martingale (explained below) or other equipment.

    2. Martingale: A martingale is a piece of equipment used to control the horse's head carriage and prevent it from raising its head too high or tossing it excessively. It consists of straps that attach to the girth or the breastplate and run through the bit rings. There are two main types of martingales:

      • Running Martingale: This type of martingale has a strap that splits into two branches. Each branch runs through the bit rings and attaches to the reins. The running martingale allows the rider to exert downward pressure on the horse's mouth when the horse raises its head too high. It encourages the horse to maintain a more consistent and controlled head position.

      • Standing Martingale: In contrast to the running martingale, the standing martingale has a single strap that attaches to the girth and runs up through the bit rings. It then splits into two branches, with each branch attaching to the reins. The standing martingale limits how high the horse can raise its head by exerting pressure on the bit when the horse's head reaches a certain point. It is commonly used in disciplines such as show jumping and eventing.

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