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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Angus recommends 6ft reins for campdrafting and other competition riding because you are riding more collected with a shorter rein (you don't want a long tail when competing).

    If you're a casual paddock rider (like Angus) then 7ft reins would suit you better..

    Our 8ft reins are particularly suitable for showing or reining where you've got a big lose rein with alot of weight.

    Also if you're in a Cutting event, you'd probably use a longer rein where the leather is thick and dense and heavier in weight.

    The 4ft Joined Reins have been designed for children or someone at Pony Club as you are required to have joined reins at Pony Club.

    They are also perfect if you're after a sporting rein where you just use one hand.

    Ladies also like Joined Reins when riding around the paddock.

    Angus Barrett Saddlery reins are generally 5/8" or 16mm wide.

    However the French Leather Reins are slightly wider (18mm).

    Stitching the reins gives them added strength and durability. When you fully stitch the leather, its adds density which helps with neck reining.

    Angus says its for aesthetics but also for functionality and by adding the thread into the leather it helps the rein stay a little bit more rigid.

    When you fully stitch a rein you add weight and they become stiff and heavy. Not all people like a firmer heavier feel in their hands, so we offer reins that are not fully stitched as well for those people that prefer a lighter rein to ride with.

    The only real difference between the Split and Station Reins is that the Split Reins have tails at the end and the Station Reins have buckles.

    They are exactly the same leather and have the same amount of weight but its a personal preference as to whether you like a tail or buckle at the bit.

    It really is down to personal preference as to what kind of rein you like to ride in and what style of riding you do.

    The Soft Cotton Reins are wider with alot more rein to grip onto. Soft Cotton Reins are very popular for campdrafting.

    Yes the split soft cotton reins are weighted in the tail to give them more strength.

    Angus likes the weight in the tail to help the rein hang and to give them some body so they don't get tangled up under your leg or under the fender.

    Some of our soft cotton reins have come up slightly shorter than 6ft or 7ft in the most recent production run. But with use, the cotton will stretch and will become the desired length over time.

    If you're not completely satisfied with the product you receive, please let us know as we aim to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We will happily exchange or refund the product as long as its in its original state.

    Our 6ft Soft Cotton Reins are very popular for campdrafters as they give a little bit more grip when competing.

    Otherwise our 6ft split reins are ideal as they allow you to sit closer to the bit for more control.

    Angus also recommends the French Leather Reins too as they are very grippy, once they have settled in.

    In fact, all of our reins would be suitable for campdrafting, including the Yachting Rope Reins.

    Our weighted 7ft Split Reins hang really well which makes them very popular for trailriding.

    The 7ft French Leather Reins are also a favourite with the ladies. These reins are exquisite and are referred to as our "oh wow" reins because they are so divine.

    The Yachting Rope Reins are a really good value rope rein made from 14mm double braided rope that is guaranteed not to rot.

    If you're working in a fed lot or an environment that is really dusty, these reins would be ideal. They are working mans reins.

    What makes French Leather Reins so special is:

    1. The leather type ~ a first grade sticky saddle leather which is buttery soft, yet incredibly strong and grippy.
    2. The way the reins are made with a triple fold and a twin stitch securing the fold
    3. Incorporating a weighted piece of harness leather that is inserted into the tail of the reins to give them an ever so important weight at the end.

    Our Bridles and Reins are made out of different leathers but over time the leather will darken and compliment each other.

    As Angus always says "the more you use it, the better it becomes".

    If the leather starts to dry out we recommend a good quality leather dressing. Our premium dressing will revive the leather.

    Angus also recommends keeping your horse tack in the tack room and out of direct sunlight or extreme conditions as this will prolong the longevity of the leather.

    The reins are hand finished with a treatment that is designed to enhance and protect the product.

    Please don't use any oil to care for your leather reins.

    Absolutely. As long as the reins haven't been used and they are in their original state, you are welcome to return them to us for a full refund or exchange.

    Our return address is:

    Angus Barrett Saddlery
    PO Box 233
    Orange NSW 2800