Diamond Carved Spur Straps

The Angus Barrett Saddlery Fitted Spur Straps are shaped with a leather pad designed to mould to your boot for extra comfort and weight. Because of their unique shape and secure fit, the fitted spur straps do not need to be fastened tightly to your boot. They are perfect for individuals who wear spurs regularly. 

The Hand Carved Fitted Spur Straps are made from first grade skirting leather. Each straps has been individually stamped and hand carved by one of the Angus Barrett team.

  • There is a variety of choice in the fitted spur straps, including rough-out leather or beautiful stamped and hand carved dress versions.

    All Angus Barrett Saddlery spur straps are designed to attach to spurs that sit on the ridge of your heel and that have top strap buttons.

    We recommend the small spur straps for women and the large spur straps for men.

    Spurs not included.

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