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  • February 17, 2020 2 min read

    Why We Use Double Braided Yachting Rope

    If you were to sail around the world solo, in a yacht, you'd want to make sure you had the best rigging gear, right? You’d want something super strong, durable, weather and rot resistant - a product that would withstand all the elements. Well, Angus figures that the same goes for when you’re handling horses. And so, when it comes to making our handling gear, he uses an Australian made, double-braided yachting rope.

    The Detail

    • Our rope is manufactured and supplied by an Australian company.
    • Strict manufacturing procedures prevent the rope from having any looped or pulled strands.
    • Our rope is double braided which means there are actually two braided ropes combined into one for extra strength. There is a core through the middle and an outer layer. The outer layer provides greater abrasion resistance. And the double braid creates a low elongation, which in simple terms means that the rope can take a significant amount of strain before it fails.
    • Our rope is made from a polyester material, which is UV and rot resistant and which retains its strength when wet, compared to some nylon materials which can lose up to 20% of their strength when wet.
    • Using quality rope ensures that the product performs better and more consistently over time.
    • Our rope is light weight, making it easy to handle.
    • Angus has been using this product himself and in our Angus Barrett products for many years now, so it’s well tested!

    Angus Barrett products that use our double braided yachting rope:


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