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  • April 01, 2022 3 min read

    The "Weekender" Travel Bag

    The Angus Barrett Saddlery Weekender Travel Bag is a beautiful bag made for a weekend away, or for those people who prefer to chuck their gear into a strong bag that will handle being thrown around on the back of a ute or truck.

    The Weekender is also the perfect size bag for airline carry on luggage. This bag is also perfect as an overnight bag for both men and women.

    The bag has been designed to endure a long hard life!

    The Weekender is made up of various parts including two kinds of premium leather, Ripstop canvas and a YKK zipper. The YKK zipper has been chosen for its strength, they are exceptionally good zippers that suit this tough but gorgeous bag.

    The leather used on the zipper panel is made from a premium tanned leather that is very strong. The leather is a little greasy but its soft, durable and pliable.

    The bag handles and the handle parts are made from a magnificent leather. They are made from beautiful double butts which is a very heavy flap leather.

    Angus tries to demonstrate the weight of the leather in the video below, to give you an idea of how heavy the leather is used to make the Weekender Travel Bag.

    The smell of the leather is full of bark and earthiness and it’s got a really solid feel. Your senses are awakened when you touch and feel this leather.

    Angus has been doing leather work for a very long time. He’s been in business for over 20 years and buying leather for just as long and the leather that is used to make these bags is some of the best he has ever used.

    The leather from the double butts is what is used for the parts on the bag so you can be assured that every part of the bag is made from the best quality leather.

    The people at the tannery that supply Angus with the double butts go to an extraordinary amount of effort to make this leather which is why Angus has chosen it for these beautiful Australian made bags.

    There are three different options in the Weekender range; Green Canvas with Chocolate Leather, Green Canvas with Tan Leather and Navy Canvas with Black Leather.

    The Ripstop canvas used to make the bags is made in Melbourne. The navy canvas has been specifically made for Angus Barrett Saddlery and it’s a stunning navy colour which compliments the chocolate and black leather.

    The navy canvas is the same navy canvas trim used on our best selling Saddle Pads. This Ripstop canvas is a very heavy truck tarp material. The bag might feel a little heavy when you first use it but over time the fibres loosen and it will soften and last a lifetime.

    Its very important that the raw materials used to make Angus Barrett products are of exceptional quality even if they are a bit heavy at first. If you asked Angus how to soften this bag, he would say “just use it”.

    There is an enormous amount of effort that goes into making the Weekender Travel Bag, but the end result is a bag that has been designed to work and made to last purely because the raw materials used have been meticulously selected by Angus.

    Watch the full video below where Angus explains the process of how the Weekender Bag is made.

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