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  • March 14, 2022 2 min read

    It's Not Just a Hobble Belt

    Gifted to me before my big journey was the Angus Barrett Hobble Belt ready to get dirty.

    Handcrafted from the finest leather, one would say it’s the perfect gift for any Ringer.

    See, you all may think its just a belt,

    But to a Ringer it’s their #1 tool to help.

    Yes, it holds up my pants when running through the scrub,

    But I also wear it on the occasional night out at the pub.

    I use it to hobble my horse during smoko,

    While Ringers spin yarns ‘bout when they bucked off Coco.

    Its what’s strapped around the legs of a clean skin mickey,

    While the boys light up one last ciggie.

    I know what you’re thinking, well that belt is going to be in the past.

    I think if you have ever owned an Angus Barrett product, you know it’s made to last.

    It’s been used to hold the gate shut at the end of a muster;

    Whilst driving home, we find out who had the biggest buster.

    The holes point shows the difference of having a good camp cook,

    Or the amount of beef the stock camp have hanging on the hook.

    It holds my pocket knife close, snug and unfelt,

    And the day its not there you have forgot to put on your belt.

    I use it to tie my radio to my saddle,

    So when the chopper pilot yells my name, I’m ready to chase those Brahmen cattle.

    Now you may think your well polished belt gets all the glory,

    But it’s my Angus Barrett Hobble Belt that tells the Ringers story.

    By Alicia Maclure

    Angus Barrett Saddlery have been lucky enough to have our very own resident Ringer in-house for the past few months. While Alicia waits for her contract Mustering job to begin in April in Northern Australia, she is helping out Angus and the team in the workshop and on the farm.

    Australian Made Leather Hobble Belt

    The Angus Barrett Saddlery Leather Hobble Belt is made from heavy duty first-grade skirting leather, which we then shape around a solid brass buckle and two solid brass rings. The buckle features a stainless steel pin.

    The pocket knife pouch is designed to fit a medium, three blade pocket knife, like the Robert Klaas knives. The pocket knife pouch is made from the same premium leather which we hand-mould to keep your pocket knife snug and secure.

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