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  • June 08, 2022 2 min read

    One-Ear Hermann Oak Fitted Leather Bridle

    Today Angus talks about the One-Ear Fitted Leather Bridle and why this is his favourite bridle to ride in.


    The Fitted One-Ear Bridle Set includes the Hermann Oak Leather Bridle, 7” Fully Stitched Weighted Reins, 5” Loose Ring Snaffle Bit and a Jet-Tack Curb Strap.

    Angus designed the One-Ear Bridle many years ago. This kind of bridle originated in North America. The American cutters, reiners and ranchers all ride in this style of bridle.

    Angus loves this kind of bridle because of its simplicity and the way it goes onto the horse. He loves the way it makes him feel when he rides his horse, he feels light and refreshed. Its so easy to put on and you don’t have to worry about extra straps and poll straps on the horse.

    It’s a lovely training bridle because you can have a lot of different horses all rigged up ready to go. The leather is very heavy and dense, and this set is made for work. The harness leather is work leather which is strong and durable.

    The heavy working ranching bridles in America are made out of the Hermann Oak Harness leather purely for its durability.

    The ear piece goes over one ear. It’s a little bit tight to start with which is the same for all of Angus Barrett Saddlery products. Angus suggests you just use the product which will allow the leather to give a little over time. The leather will soften and the fibres will loosen.

    The bridle and the reins are fully stitched which makes them even tougher.

    If there was one bridle that Angus would pick from the tack room, it would be the One-Ear Bridle. It suits his style of riding which is just casual paddock riding.

    The bridle features a quick change at the bit which allows you to unclip your bit quickly. It will not come undone while riding because you have to rotate it.

    The One Ear bridle is so easy to put on and take off and fits on different horses.

    6ft reins are commonly used for campdrafts and other competitions as you have more control as you’re sitting closer to the bit.

    Angus recommend 7ft reins for paddock riding.

    This set includes – One-Ear Bridle, 7ft Fully Stitched Split Reins, Herman Oak Jet-Tack Curb Strap and a 5” Loose Ring Snaffle Bit.

    One-Ear Hermann Oak Leather Bridle

    Fully Stitched Split Leather Reins

    Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

    Herman Oak Jet-Tack Curb Strap


    Order online or call our Customer Service team on 0408 980 896 for more information.

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