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  • June 28, 2022 3 min read

    New Feature Added To Our Soft Cotton Reins

    The Angus Barrett Saddlery Soft Cotton Reins are a very particular product that Angus and Jimmy have been working on for some time. The first run of cotton reins that were made a few years ago sold out and they have been out of stock for some time.

    Angus was having trouble sourcing the thread and yarn to make the cotton reins but he has found a Melbourne based supplier who he works very closely with to ensure the raw material meets the standard required.

    The raw materials Angus sources to make the cotton reins is specifically made to Angus’ specifications.

    Whenever Angus does a new production run of a product, he always tries to improve the design somehow. He relies heavily on customer feedback. We have received a few messages from customers asking if he could make 7ft cotton reins. Nothing is impossible for Angus, but it may just take a little longer than you’d like. If you’d like to be added to our product waitlist, please give our Customer Service team a call who will take your details and get in touch once the product is back in production.

    Not only have we added a new length to the soft cotton reins, the 6ft and 7ft reins are now weighted at the tail to give them extra strength.

    Why add weights to the Soft Cotton Reins?

    Angus loves riding in leather reins particularly the harness leather. There is a very heavy weighted end and through the core they are still pretty heavy but he splits them down and make them thinner in your hand. The reason Angus likes the weight at the tail is to help the rein hang and to give them some body so they don’t get tangled up under your leg or under the fender.

    The French Leather Reins are absolutely divine, and the leather used to make these beautiful reins is very sticky. The three layers of French leather which have been tanned, has a Hermann oak harness leather weight which has been sewn up onto the leather.

    Angus and Jimmy spent a lot time in the workshop recently designing the new weighted end for the soft cotton reins. The weighted ends are fed into the core of the tubular webbing and then the ends are sewn up and leather ends are stitched to the reins to keep the weight in place.

    The Split Cotton Reins are made from a soft cotton tubular webbing with heavy leather at the tail to give them some weight at the split. They also feature a buckle to the bit for extra weight as well.

    A question we get asked a lot from our customers is "what length reins should I choose"? Angus suggests 6ft if you're using the reins for campdrafts and other competition riding as you tend to sit closer to the bit and you'll have more control. If you're a casual paddock rider (like Angus), then the 7ft reins would suit you better.

    The 4ft joined reins, which are 8ft in total, were designed for children and would also be suitable for someone playing Polocrosse or if you were after a sporting rein where you just use one hand.

    There are various leather parts that are pre cut for the soft cotton reins. There is a tail and buckle part which are cut, edged, slicked and oiled beforehand. We have natural and dark natural leather options available.


    Joined Soft Cotton Reins - Dark Natural with Stainless Steel Hardware

    Joined Soft Cotton Reins - Dark Natural with Brass Hardware

    Joined Soft Cotton Reins - Natural with Stainless Steel Hardware


    Joined Soft Cotton Reins - Natural with Brass Hardware


    Split Soft Cotton Reins - Natural with Brass Hardwarexxxx


    Split Soft Cotton Reins - Natural with Brass Hardwarex

    The cotton used to manufacture the Angus Barrett Saddlery Soft Cotton Reins is 100% Australian grown and woven in Melbourne.

    If you're after a fair dinkum pair of soft cotton reins, these will be perfect for you.

    All of Angus Barrett Saddlery Soft Cotton Reins are handmade by very talented craftsmen from the workshop in Orange NSW.