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  • July 13, 2017 3 min read

    Photo: Courtesy of Robert Klaas

    Robert Klaas Pocket Knvies

    For those of you who don't know, Angus has a bit of a thing for pocket knives. Sounds like a bit of a worry, but I guess using good knives comes with the trade! Angus has been privileged to work with Robert Klaas in Germany on an exclusive range of Kissing Cranes Pocket Knives for Angus Barrett Saddlery.

    Robert KLAAS is a family business, now in its seventh generation, based in Solingen, Germany. For over 180 years, they have been manufacturing a range of scissors, razors and household knives, and are best known for their pocket knives. Indeed, Robert Klaas is famous around the world for its Hen & Rooster and Kissing Cranes pocket knife brands.

    Photo: Courtesy of Robert Klaas

    We have just received our latest range, which has been years in the making, and we're very excited to share it with you. It has been hand crafted exclusively for Angus Barrett Saddlery. As a guarantee to this proof of quality, the main blade on each knife is stamped with the words “Handmade in Germany for Angus Barrett” including the Angus Barrett trademark swirl as a mark of quality.

    We have two different styles available with four different handles: genuine Stag HornOlive WoodSnake Wood and Ebony Wood (unfortunately we only have the genuine stag handle knife available at the moment). As the knives are hand crafted, and made from genuine stag horn or wood, the handle on each knife is different, making every knife individual.

    Robert Klaas knives made exclusively for Angus Barrett available with genuine stag horn or wood handles

    Photo: Olive Wood, Snake Wood, Ebony Wood, Stag Horn (pictured top to bottom)

    We thought we’d ask Angus a bit about why he chose to work with Robert Klaas on this new knife range and what he likes most about these particular knives.

    Q: Why did you choose Robert Klaas for your pocket knife range?

    A: I did a lot of research, while travelling through Europe and America, and Robert Klaas really stood out to me as a company with similar values to our own. They are very focused on quality and workmanship and pride themselves on creating a unique product. Their knives are beautiful, but also seriously sturdy and practical.

    Q: You generally only ‘sell what you make’, so why did you decide to stock a pocket knife range?

    A: I thought a bespoke knife range like this would be a perfect compliment to our hand made leather pocket knife pouches. A quality knife like this deserves a beautiful, protective leather pouch and the two products just go so well together. We do the same thing with our range of bits, to compliment our bridles range. And also a stainless steel spur, to go with our spur straps. Knives, bits and spurs are the only things in our product range that we don’t make and we stock them to compliment our leather goods.

    Q: Which of your leather pouches suits the Robert Klaas knife pouch?

    A: I design all our pouches now specifically for the Robert Klaas knives. I make them to hold the knife snugly and I position the stitches on the pouch so that they work together with the highest blade on the knife, ensuring that when the knife slides into the pouch, it locks into place.

    Q: Which is your personal favourite in the new range?

    A: Personally, I love the Staghorn, but I’m also a big fan of the Snake Wood. It’s something just a little bit unique.

    Angus Barrett Pouches and Robert Klaas Knives
     Photos: Robert Klaas Stag Horn Knife, Robert Klaas Snake Wood Knife, Angus Barrett Button Closed Knife Pouch, Angus Barrett Open End Knife Pouch
    (pictured left to right)