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  • June 17, 2020 2 min read

    Argo is a Kelpie rescue dog. Argo was rescued at just 12 weeks old, after he was abandoned near Canberra.  He was extremely timid initially and suffered severe separation anxiety. It took 18 months of patience and diligent training for Argo to grow into the confident young dog he is today.

    Argo is now happily what his owners call a ‘velcro’ dog, always choosing to stretch out on top of them, or right next to them with at least one paw touching one of them! His love for being so near is second only to his love of his ball!

    Argo sounds like a bit of a dude to us and so we were thrilled to hear that he was gifted one of our Working Dog Collars.

    Argo’s owner Adam very kindly wrote us a little note about Argo’s collar: “Its solid as a rock, extremely high quality and we have taken it through salt and fresh water, mud, rain and sunshine, and it is as if it's still new! Very Impressed with the quality.”

    About the Angus Barrett Working Dog Collar

    The Angus Barrett Working Dog Collar is tough yet stylish, suiting active farm dogs ready to leap off the back of the ute to round up the sheep,  or home dogs just happy to sit and indulge in the warmth of companionship.

    We make the Working Dog Collars from a waxy, first grade, chrome-tanned harness leather which is incredibly durable and strong. It handles all environments well, even wet ones. We compliment the leather with a solid, stainless steel D-ring and buckle. 

    So whether you have a large Great Dane who tugs tirelessly on the lead, a Kelpie who only stops to sleep, or a Cavoodle that likes lazy walks on the beach, the fit and design of this collar is a perfect match and is tough enough to withstand all of your dog’s adventures.

    So, which one of our Working Dog Collars will suit your dog? Our Working Dog Collars come in two different widths – 25mm or 32mm - and three different lengths, which we have set out for you here:

    1st hole = 16 inches or 41cm; Middle hole = 17.5 inches or 45cm; and Last hole = 19 inches or 49cm.
    1st hole = 19.5 inches or 50cm; Middle hole = 21 inches or 54cm; and Last hole = 23 inches or 58cm.
    Extra Large

    1st hole = 23.5 inches or 60cm; Middle hole = 25 inches or 63.5cm; and Last hole = 26.6 inches or 68cm.

    If you are still not sure, or you have a pup that you think will grow to be quite big, please get in touch and we can help you choose just the right size for you.

    We can also engrave a name plaque which is riveted directly onto the collar, for those that would like the collar personalised.

    So, if you have a dog like Argo, that you think deserves a good quality collar, check out our Working Dog Collars here

    Photo credit: Black Mountain Media Australia.