Leather Working Dog Collar - 32mm

The Angus Barrett Saddlery Leather Working Dog Collars are made from a waxy, first grade, chrome-tanned harness leather, which is durable and strong.

This style is 32mm wide and is available in three different lengths: medium to fit a standard to large sized working dog, such as a boarder collie; large to fit a bigger, heavier dog, such as a heavy-set cattle dog; and the Xtra large to fit gentle giants like St Bernards.

Size info:

Our leather dog collars sizes are literal measurements from the tip of the buckle tongue, to the middle hole.

How to pick the right size leather dog collar?

The best way to pick the right size leather dog collar is to measure his or her current collar from the tip of the buckle tongue to the hole most used. You then need to match this up to the middle hole measurement on our dog collar to ensure that you pick the right size.

If you are unsure of the measurements, just give us a call and one of our team members will help you.


1st hole = 16 inches or 41cm; Middle hole = 17.5 inches or 45cm; and Last hole = 19 inches or 49cm.


1st hole = 19.5 inches or 50cm; Middle hole = 21 inches or 54cm; and Last hole = 23 inches or 58cm.

Xtra Large

1st hole = 23.5 inches or 60cm; Middle hole = 25 inches or 63.5cm; and Last hole = 26.6 inches or 68cm.

  • The leather dog collar features a solid, stainless steel buckle and ring. We can add a stainless steel name plaque on request.

    Our Leather Working Dog Collars are made to withstand long days in the paddock, rain, hail or shine. 

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