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  • May 04, 2020 2 min read

    What Is A Collar Strap?

    If you google the words ‘collar strap’ no definition or Wikipedia explanation pops up on the screen. So, we thought it might be helpful to let you know how we define the collar strap.

    If I think about the word 'collar' the first thought for me is the collar on my shirt that sits around my neck. And it is the same for our product. The collar strap is secured around the horse’s neck. The word 'strap' conjures up images of having to hold something up. And again this is exactly what our product is used for – the strap holds up the horse’s leg.

    The Angus Barrett Saddlery Collar Strap is designed specifically to be used when you need to restrain the hindquarters of a horse or lift a horse’s back leg. This could be in the situation of needing to perform medical care or to examine or clean a horse’s legs and hooves.

    We all know how much strength these beautiful animals have, so the collar strap is designed to help ensure that this type of work can be carried out safely for both the horse and the handler.

    Obviously in these situations you need the gear you are using with your horse to be both strong and durable, and so we have incorporated the following features in the design of our Angus Barrett Saddlery Collar Strap:

    • A stainless steel 7mm pin on the collar buckle
    • A solid roller to reduce the risk of the buckle jamming
    • A stainless steel sliding buckle (made in Australia) to ensure the strap locks correctly when pressure is added
    • The use of two webbings stitched back to back
    • Heavy duty chrome tanned harness leather to reinforce the area around the collar buckle
    • Double stitching with a heavy duty thread used in sewing on the leather

    Horses of course come in different sizes and usefully, the Angus Barrett Saddlery Collar Strap has two points of adjustment – the collar buckle around the neck and the sliding buckle for the strap.

    And if you are concerned about the comfort of your horse, or rubbing, in the fetlock area, we also make a Fetlock Strap especially for this.

    Buy Angus Barrett Saddlery Collar Strap Online 

    Collar Strap | Angus Barrett Saddlery

    Angus Barrett Saddlery has a large range of saddlery and leather goods available to buy online. The range of horse training and handling gear includes webbing and leather neck ties, tie-up halter, handling halters, lead ropes, lunge ropes and hobble straps.

    Please do not hesitate contacting our Customer Service team on 0408 980 896 if you have any questions regarding our product range.