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  • October 21, 2022 4 min read

    Traditional Stockman's Swag

    The all NEW Angus Barrett Swag is not your average swag (but nothing is average at Angus Barrett Saddlery). For a start, its a swag and not a tent (just to be clear folks). But you can loop a bit of rope through the brass eyelets on each end of the swag and it could easily resemble a swag tent.

    This is the real deal. A fair dinkum Aussie swag, designed to work and made to last for many many years. The stories and memories that you'll create on each adventure will last a lifetime. Sleeping under the stars will never be the same again, when you're wrapped up inside your new Angus Barrett Swag.

    The amount of time and effort that has gone into making each and every one of these swags (we have made 18 in total) is second to none. The quality of raw materials used are of the highest standard; from the Australian Made Ripstop canvas to the bonded polyester thread that sews it all together, Angus hasn't compromised on quality.

    As you unroll your swag for the first time, you'll soon discover a whole new world that awaits. We strongly recommend just throwing it on the back of the ute and hitting the road!

    The Swag is packed full of features including:

    • Handmade in Australia from heavy duty Ripstop canvas (the same canvas we use to make our gear bags and weekend travel bags)
    • Waterproof and rot resistant
    • Available in 4 colours: Navy, Blue, Red and Green
    • An internal pocket for your phone, wallet, pocket knife, torch and other personal items
    • 2 x mattress pockets to hold your mattress in place
    • 1 x premium grade, high-density foam mattress which is 5cm thick for extra comfort
    • A removable mattress cover made from 310gsm cotton drill fabric
    • 27 x industrial grade stainless steel press studs to keep the swag securely closed
    • 2 x brass eyelets at either end to tie the swag to a tree or to the side of your ute
    • Rolls up tightly and fastens with 2 x belt ties made from heavy duty chrome leather
    • A rolled leather handle made from chrome leather
    • A leather patch can be added for personalisation.

    The swag measures (L):2.4m x (W): 1.4m and weighs approximately 11kg.

    Angus took a big punt when he decided to make this swag because he knew it would be expensive. 

    There are alot of cheaper swags on the market but you can not buy a swag like the one that Angus has made, any cheaper. The swags are worth every dollar. What the dollars are paying for are the materials, the skill and the time to make the swags -  a reality that exists when running a small Australian based business.

    Angus could use cheaper canvas, button, thread, leather and foam, and you would get a cheaper swag that wouldn't last a lifetime.

    He could have used webbing straps with plastic clips for a fraction of the price but that is not how Angus Barrett Saddlery works.

    Angus starts with the best raw materials, a proven design and he continually tries to improve both. The swag straps are 32mm wide, which Angus has never seen on a swag before with 32mm wide heavy duty chrome leather straps.

    The mattress was made in Sydney for Angus. A special foam to with a special density that Angus specified and tested. Angus started with different samples of foams, visited the factories and then tested the quality.

    Most would say it is over the top for a swag. Angus Barrett Saddlery is not any other company. It's special, and Angus goes to extraordinary lengths to create what we make. He pushes the boundaries. Constantly. The mattresses are for people who want a very good mattress. The material used to cover the mattresses in, is heavier (stronger) than what a lot of cheaper swags are covered in. 

    This swag is not a toy. It's a piece of work equipment. Like Angus said in his first video, if you want a swag to roll out in your mates lounge room or shed every now and then, this is not the swag for you.

    If you are in a stockcamp or drilling camp and sleep in your swag every night for weeks on end. This is the best swag money can buy. Bonus.. you can roll it out in your mates lounge room or shed as well.

    The price is irrelevant when Angus designs and creates. We understand that price is a reality, but to design great things, the best things, Angus doesn't believe the cost should be a starting point. The price is the result and reality of the exercise. It is the sum of the cost, plus margin.

    There is a limited number available so if you're seriously interested in owning one of these "little rippers", order yours today.

    WATCH: Angus explains all the features and design elements of the Swag in the video below. Sit back and relax and enjoy!