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  • December 11, 2016 2 min read

    #7 of 20 - Today we're featuring our PLB Pouches. We've told the story behind the design of these products before, but we think it's worth telling again, because safety for remote and rural workers is probably not something that gets quite enough air time.

    About this time two years ago, Angus had a pretty bad horse accident while visiting his Dad on a relatively remote property, mostly without phone service. During his recovery, Angus thought a lot about what had happened and also about what would happen to his Dad if he had a similar accident when he was up there on his own.

    Being involved in the aviation industry, Angus was already familiar with ELTs – (Emergency Locator Transmitters) and while in hospital Angus started researching further into emergency response technology to see what was available and suitable for use on the land. He learned about Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs), which are small devices that communicate via satellite. Emergency services or assigned contacts can be alerted at the push of the button. It's simple technology and life-saving.

    Angus went about designing a carry pouch for PLBs, to encourage farmers and remote workers to carry the PLB device with them all day, every day. It needed to be a pouch that was sturdy, user-friendly, easy to wear and one that wouldn't get in the way or be damaged.

    As a result we now have the Angus Barrett PLB pouches. They’re compact, but made from a heavy duty, first grade leather that is blocked perfectly to fit 2 different devices.

    They sit comfortably on your belt, just like a knife pouch, only more secure. The pouches are sewn by hand with a sunken stitch to protect the thread and keep the pouch firm and supportive. They are also designed to give the wearer the choices as to whether the pouch sits on the left or right hip and in a horizontal or vertical position. It’s the perfect pouch for a rural or industrial application and is definitely something to think about as a solution for anyone working remotely or by themselves.

    Read more about them here or please feel free to get in touch for more details (info@angusbarrett.com.au or ph. 0263611601).