Straight Girth Set

The Straight Girth Set includes one 32" Straight Girth, Latigo and Girth Points.

Maker's Notes

The Angus Barrett Latigo is made from first grade chrome leather, specifically chosen for its strength and lack of stretch. The Latigo is very simple to attach to the saddle and allows you to simply and easily tighten the girth. It is made to do two wraps and go with either a Bates system or a girth buckle (not tie off).

Our Straight Girth is made from webbing and features a neoprene skin, which is attached to the girth with velcro for quick and easy removal. The idea behind this girth is that once the skin wears, there is no need for you to replace the whole girth, just the skin. Replacement neoprene skins can be ordered from us as needed. Our Straight Girth features a stainless steel buckle and two centre Ds for attaching a breastplate and a back girth. Our standard girth is 32 inches long.

The Angus Barrett Girth Point is made from first grade chrome leather. The buckle holes are fully stitched to prevent tearing.

We recommend using this Girth Point on the off side of your horse, with the Angus Barrett Latigo on the near side.