Robert Klaas Pocket Knife with Snake Wood Handle

This Robert Klaas Kissing Cranes pocket knife is hand crafted exclusively for Angus Barrett Saddlery by Robert Klaas in Solingen, Germany.

The pocket knife features three stainless steel blades, and a unique, hand crafted wooden handle.

The main blade on each knife is stamped with the words “Handmade in Germany for Angus Barrett”, along with the Angus Barrett trademark swirl.

Further advantages are of our pocket knives are:

  • Good compromise between flexibility and cutting performance
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Well polished and low maintenance
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Tasteless when cutting food

Maker's Notes

These beautiful hand-crafted pocket knives feature three stainless steel blades, and a unique snake wood handle. As the knives are hand crafted, and made from genuine snake wood, the handle on each knife will be slightly different, making every knife unique and individual.

The blades are made of German stainless steel 1.4034. This steel is historically used for the manufacturing of knives and blades in Solingen.

The advantages of this steel include that it has a good compromise between flexibility and cutting performance. It is easy to sharpen and polish and requires little maintenance. It is also tasteless when cutting food.

A Robert Klaas pocket knife is a beautiful, timeless gift, but also a very practical long lasting tool. Like our own Angus Barrett products, this knife is designed to work and made to last, so it is also covered by our guarantee.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The pocket knives are available in two sizes: small and medium.

Please Note: The small knives will not fit snuggly into a knife belt pouch. We recommend the medium size knife if you are wanting to use it in a knife belt pouch.


The small size is suited to our small knife pouches.

Handle Length: 8.8cm

Width: 2cm

Depth: 1.1cm

Blade 1 (Main): 6cm

Blade 2: 4.5cm

Blade 3: 4cm


The medium size is suited to our knife belts and our medium leather knife pouches.

Handle Length: 10.2cm

Width: 2.3cm

Depth: 1.3cm

Blade 1 (Main): 8.3cm

Blade 2: 5.5cm

Blade 3: 5.5cm

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