PLB Pouch - Spot Gen 3

A heavy duty pouch, designed to carry a Spot Gen 3 PLB safely, while protecting it from damage. Hand stitched and made from first grade leather. This is premium leather that will shape and soften with age, while remaining strong and durable.

  • To create a solid, yet compact pouch, the wall panel must be sewn in at a 90° angle to the front panel with a sunken hand stitch. It is the quality of the leather combined with this hand-sewing technique that makes these pouches exceptional.

    The Angus Barrett PLB Pouch slides onto your belt and has been designed so that you can adjust the position of the pouch allowing you to carry your PLB safely, while protecting it from damage.

    This pouch is designed to fit the Spot Gen 3 PLB.

    It is designed to fit any belt up to 38mm wide.

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