Complete German Martingale

The Angus Barrett Complete German Martingale is made up of the Angus Barrett Martingale, Martingale Rope and Martingale Reins.

The Martingale is adjustable, however, it is is designed to fit average sized stock horses and quarter horses.

The Complete German Martingale is available in both solid Brass and Stainless Steel.

  • The Martingale Rope attaches to the Martingale and then goes up through the rings of a snaffle bit and onto the Angus Barrett Martingale Reins. There is an adjustment point at the Reins, for you to set a desired height that your horse can raise its head to.

    When the horse holds its head at or below the set height, it is the ordinary rein that has contact with the bit. When the horse raises its head above the set height, the Martingale Rope comes into play, creating a direct line of leverage through the bit to the centre point on the Martingale or breastplate. The Reins and the Rope can then be used together by the rider to give them greater leverage and pressure on the mouth, without the need for a harsher bit.

    It is an excellent training aid for horses that lift their heads and it is great for children or for people riding very strong horses, because it significantly increases the strength and leverage they have in contact with the horse's mouth. It also prevents a horse from locking the bit in the back of its mouth and so it is ideal for horses that ignore or drive through the bit.

    One of the great advantages of the Angus Barrett German Martingale is that the Martingale Rope is nice and light and designed to allow you to make a precise adjustment without the need for Ds or buckles on the Martingale Reins. If your horse does not lift its head above the set position, the rope will play no part and will not interfere with your ride. By using the Martingale Rope, you also still have the ability to fully flex your horse.

    If you have any questions about the German Martingale or its parts, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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