12 Strand Full Plaited Handle Kangaroo Leather Stock Whip

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12 Strand Hand Plaited Kangaroo Leather Stock Whip is made in Australia by a very experienced and seasoned Whip Maker.

Due to the skill of the whip maker there are only a certain quantity of whips made each year. These whips are rare and unique which are made single handedly by one man.

Stock Whip Details:

  • Fully plaited cane handle
  • Full plaited belly
  • Length: 6 Foot

The whip has 3 layers:

  • Main body of the whip – which is made up of 3 layers: filler, plaited belly, and then outer layer, then red cow hide fall

  • Cracker on the end

  • Plaited turks head

  • Fully plaited cane handle 


"Nothing short of an incredible craft and skill" 
Angus Barrett

Whip makers are few and far between these days and its very special that Angus Barrett Saddlery has the privilege to be able to showcase such rare talent.